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Grocery Package 3 Summer Deal

Grocery Package 3 Summer Deal
Product Code: Grocery Package 3 Summer Deal
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(1)BayanMall Rice 25kg
(1)Minola Palm Olein Cooking Oil (with OMEGA 9, Cholesterol-Free Food) Net Cont. 1L
(1)Eggs - 1 Tray(30 pcs)
(1)Whole Chicken (Per Kilo) - Fresh Meat
(1)Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog 1kg
(5)Argentina Beef Loaf 150G
(5)555 Carne Norte Mas Pinasarap 150G
(5)Familys Brand Sardines Tomato Sauce 155g
(1)Spam 30% Less Sodium Hormel Foods 340g
(1)Nescafe Original 3in1 Coffee Net. Wt. 720g
(1)Nestle Milo Tonic Food Drink 300g
(1)Nestle Bear Brand Powdered Milk Drink 1200g
(5)Lucky Me Beef na Beef Flavor Instant Mami Noodles 55g
(5)Lucky Me Chicken na Chicken Flavor Instant Mami Noodles 55g
(5)Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Kalamansi Flavor 80g
(5)Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton - Chili Mansi Flavor 80g
(1)Gardenia Enriched White Bread - Classic 600g
(1)Cheez Whiz Original 220g
(2)Tang Combo Delights Orange-Mango Instant Drink Mix 225g
(2)Fibisco The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies 200g
(2)Choco Mucho Milk Chocolate Caramel Wafer Roll Cereal Crispies 10x32g
(2)Choco Topps 10pcs.x37g
(2)Silver Swan Soy Sauce Net Cont. 1000 ml
(2)Silver Swan Sukang Puti 4.5% Natural Acidity Net Cont. 1000 ml
(2)White Sugar 1 kilo
(2)Brown Sugar 1 Kilo
(1)Maggi Magic Sarap All-in-One Seasoning Granules 14x8g
(1)McCormick Iodized Salt 150g
(1)Tide Laundry Powder Nature Fresh 350g
(1)Surf Detergent Bar Blossom Fresh with Fabcon 400g
(1)Downy Antibac Facon 380mL
(1)Colgate 100ml
(1)Ultra Axion the Grease Stripper Kalamansi 250mL
(1)Zonrox Bleach Original 1L
(2)Head & Shoulders Conditioner 10mL x6
(2)Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo 10mLx6
(2)Safeguard Family Germ Protection Pure White 135g
(1)Femme Decor Bathroom Tissue 9 rolls 2Ply 490g
(1)Johnson's Baby Powder Regular 200g 

1kilo Red apples
1kilo Grapes 
1kilo Banana
1kilo Orange 
1kilo Avocado
1kilo Bell pepper
1kilo Onions
1/2kilo Garlic 
1/2kilo Petchay 
1pc Cauliflower

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